Aquib Sadman Bari

an Eco-Tech Enthusiast

A Glimpse of Sadman

Hi Everyone!! You can call me Sadman. Not like the literal structure of my name (SAD MAN), I’m an open-minded, fun-loving individual who values social connections and constantly seeks the best way to live life with gratitude and a positive outlook. I bring empathy, charisma, and strong people skills to my personal and professional life. I excel in teamwork and connecting with others, driven by my passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential and make a positive impact in the workplace.

I have pursued a Masters on International Development & Management, and a bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Currently I am taking a diploma course on Digital Analytics.

I embarked on my professional journey in the development sector in 2014, gaining experience in a diverse range of projects, from digital financial inclusion to human rights-based initiatives. Presently, my occupation lies within the hotel and tourism sector, where I concentrate on enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

In my personal sphere, I find immense joy in my loving marriage and relish my role as a proud father to an amazing daughter. My heart is filled with a deep love for both sports and music, and I hold a profound passion for the art of photography.

Accreditation & Certifications